The Danger of Compromise

The Danger of Compromise

The danger of compromise: This is a very subtle area of conduct that takes us by surprise when our principles are unclear since we cannot stand firm on something we ourselves don’t believe, have doubt about, or have not taken a firm and clear position on. For example, when an individual finds himself/herself in a situation they are unclear about, the pressure of the situation or from his peers weakens him, and he may find himself compromising by doing something he will later regret. Examples of this type of compromise is found when people are unclear of their standing on sexual behavior, drug or alcohol use, or any other act where we thought we wouldn’t compromise.

Are you clear on what principles you hold that regardless of the situation or pressure you are certain of your response?

Can you name what they are?

As a high school or college student, in what areas of your life do you find yourself wavering?

The desire to be popular, part of the group makes you doubt the validity of what you have learned and hopefully believed. What can you do to stand strong in the face of temptation?