Above the clouds

Above the clouds

I flew out of the city some time ago on one of those rainy, dark, and dreary days when it seems that the sun will never shine again. As the plane took off and rose up above the dreary sky, where the sun was shining brightly as ever;  I thought, “I hope the people down below in the city remember that the sun has not hidden itself forever, just for a while.”

The Christmas season has some similarity to that flight – while for some it is full of joy, for others it seems dark and dreary, bringing to mind only the remembrance of more joyous times, but now only the reality of broken relationships, loss of hope, health and broken dreams. If you fall into the last category, I hope you remember that the sun has not gone away it has only hidden itself from you for a season.

Like the plane in my trip, pull back the throttle and rise up above your circumstances. Sound easy? No! Where is the focus of your attention? The focus of our attention determines our state of mind and emotions.

Hebrews 12:2 tells us, “fixing [or focusing] our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith…”

In Philippians 4:8, the apostle Paul gives us a list of what to think about and ends the list with the phrase, “let your mind dwell on these things.” When we focus on our loses and broken dreams, we end up depressed, lonely and hopeless. When we meditate on God’s goodness to us and are thankful, our circumstances may not change, but our perspective surely will.

With best wishes and the hope that you put to the test what has worked so well for me.