• Wow, what a life changing experience. When I first registered for this course I thought this would be an interesting Bible study or something of the sort. I had no idea that I was about to embark on this life changing journey that would help me be a godly husband and father. Especially a better husband to my wife!
    Father of three
  • The Walking Worthy curriculum has been THE most important investment I have made in my journey to spiritual and emotional growth and healing.
    Middle-aged Divorcee
  • Because of this class, there are fathers who have reconciled to their children, and broken men have learned how to identify the sin that they have committed or the sin that was committed against them and then apply God’s answers for healing. I’ve witnessed individuals receive complete forgiveness, healing and restoration because they were given the tools to properly identify the source of their destructive life patterns. This class is life-changing and, in turn, is changing the lives of the loved ones of those men who has chosen to participate in it.
    Walking Worthy Facilitator
  • Our facilitator created a safe and trusting environment that gave me the courage to open up about my pain. Her knowledge of scripture is amazing. One of the most important part of this class was the building of deep and lasting friendships with some wonderful sisters in Christ. I would highly recommend this class to any believer.
    Female Walking Worthy Participant