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Walking Worthy: A Journey to Freedom    |   Chattanooga, Tennessee

Walking Worthy: A Journey to Freedom (WW) is a 24 week support group ministry hosted at different church locations throughout the southeast. Our method for providing personal assistance is based on the truths of the Word of God as applied through the philosophy of Exchanged Life, based on Galatians 2:20 and other scriptures related to our identity and sufficiency in Christ.


Walking Worthy Groups are formed based on days and times requested during the registration process. A new class will begin when 13 are available to start at a given day or time and the class registration is closed once a class has started. This provides a confidential place for participants to work together in safety. If you want to take Walking Worthy but you’re not sure of days or times, go ahead and register. As the next group is formed, we will contact you with an opportunity to join the group.


Facilitators are laymen and laywomen not therapists. However, the Lay Facilitators shall be under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals. The Lay Facilitators are trained in listening and helping skills from Christian professionals who are trained in individual, marital, and family counseling.


  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs during weekly group sessions is prohibited and may be grounds for termination of participation without refund of course fees.
  • No weapons may be brought into the session.


Your consistent participation in WW is critical in order to obtain fruitful results. No discretionary absences are allowed and only one excused absence is allowed per semester. If you are unable to be present at the group session, you will be required to make up the class BEFORE the next session (see Financial Policy).


The communication between you, your Facilitator and other support group members is considered confidential except as required by law, i.e. where there is a threat of serious harm to self or others, as in the case of child abuse, suicide or homicide.


Completing and signing this Participant Application, is your first step toward joining a WW class.  Please be sure the contact information listed is correct. Someone will notify you soon of your admission status.

WW is primarily underwritten by the generosity of our donors. Course fees paid by participants help offset expenses related to materials, handouts and other costs in creating and maintaining a high standard of excellence.

Applications are accepted all year around so please email us at wwjinfo@walkingworthyjourney.org for start dates and times of the next set of classes. Payment options are determined by the host church.

Classes typically priced as follows (individual churches may vary on pricing):

  • $300 for course
  • Discounts available for prepayment
  • and buy one second one free for concurrent husband and wife registrations

*Note: For those needing a discount based on financial need, a copy of your most recent pay stub/voucher or W-2 will be required to process discounts.


Please initial to signify your understanding and acceptance of the responsibilities listed above.

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